Blessings in 2017

Counting our blessings in 2017

Counting our blessings for 2017

What God's Grace and Your Gifts Have Made Possible this Thanksgiving

We all have so much to be thankful for this holiday season. As we gear up for our busiest time of the year, we asked our residents and guests what they were most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for...

Being clean and sober. -Larashia

"...being clean and sober. And for the possibility to have my kids back in my life soon."-Larashia

Not being in the same place as last year. -Trevis

"...not being in the same place I was last year, both physically and spiritually. I'm thankful for clarity to see all the blessings God gives me daily through my victories and challenges."-Trevis

A renewed relationship with God. -Anitha

"...a renewed relationship with God, a second chance and the training I'm receiving to get back on the right path."-Anitha

The opportunities that The Bowery Mission has given me. -Stephen

"...the opportunities that The Bowery Mission has given to me, relationships that I thought were gone forever, a relationship with Christ and a new sense of self-love and confidence."-Stephen

The kindness and generosity of The Bowery Mission. -Glen

"...the kindness and generosity of The Bowery Mission, my restored health and sound mind, the clothing, food and shelter provided to me and the counseling and programs that I get to participate in."-Glen

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