President's Update – June 2014

People We Never Want to See at Our Mission

Thank you so much for spending time to learn about the cause The Bowery Mission stands for – seeing the lives of the street homeless, the addicted and at-risk kids in New York changed from despair to hope.

I’ll answer the question the headline raises. The people we never want to see at the Bowery Mission are the 1100 kids we will host at our beautiful 190 acre camp in the Poconos this summer – kids who live way under the poverty line and have few opportunities to break out unless someone shows them unconditional love and a new perspective.

I talked to our camp recruiter this week who is on the front lines signing up kids – he sends his thanks to everyone who helps sponsor a child and change a life forever. “Every child is unique”, he says “a person of talent and potential, hidden behind a protective shell because of what they’ve experienced.”

The summer is our lowest giving season and our highest cash outflow season, with 90 college kids on staff at camp and donors away on vacation. I hope you can help us before you go away.

People often ask me, what are the qualities that make us unique, in a city full of charities? I tell them the faith-based passion of our staff, our very loyal friends – our belief that each person is of infinite value; our focus on excellence; our focus on outcomes; and our determination to keep growing so we can see more lives transformed.

Come see for yourself.

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Ed Morgan