President's Update - November 2012

Shining the Irresistible Light


Ed Morgan, President and CEO of The Bowery Mission and Kids With A Promise at the Administrative Offices.

It’s impossible to think about the holidays without thinking of lights … glowing candles, twinkling Christmas lights, or the flickering flames from a Menorah … and more.

And of course, the light of the star on that very first Christmas. Shepherds and kings followed it to Bethlehem, unable to resist its light.

This made me think of the powerful lure of the lights of New York City — how they draw people here from all over the world. People come, or stay — to find their dreams — but too many find only despair. Unemployment, sickness, a run of bad luck, or even their own poor choices can crush those dreams, leaving the dreamers broken, hurt and even homeless and hungry.

But there’s another light here in New York City — and it shines irresistibly too. It’s the love of God, visible in the light of The Bowery Mission. We shine thanks to your caring support and generosity! Your gifts will shine light to the forgotten this Christmas, offering warmth, shelter, food and a second chance. We shine to the alcoholic and addicted when we offer rest and restoration; to the hungry when we share hot meals; and to the homeless when we provide safe warm beds. Best of all, we shine God’s love to the hurting when we offer a chance to change their lives forever.

I pray this holiday season finds you and your family enjoying all the blessings of this special time of year. As you celebrate, may I ask that you remember those suffering in our city with a gift to The Bowery Mission? With your help, we’ll shine brightly in the darkness.


Ed Morgan, President of The Bowery Mission

Ed Morgan, President

Your gifts will shine light to the forgotten this Christmas.

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