Fragile Dreams

Red Door E-Newsletter – October 2012

“God led me here.” - Peter, Bowery Mission Resident

Peter's Life TransformationI grew up in the church, but my dad used to hit me, so I left home very young. I was homeless at times but when I moved to New York, things were looking up for me. I’m a traveling glass artist; I blow glass and paint on glass. I found this job here in New York City at a studio that gave me a small place to live in. I even started getting offers to show my work in Japan and London. But when I told my bosses, they got mad and kicked me out. They said, ‘OK you got two weeks, and you got to leave.’

That was it. I lost my home and job. I started sleeping at Penn Station. I didn’t have anywhere to go. I did a lot of praying. There were times I didn’t get any sleep, but somehow I knew God was with me.

All I can say is that God led me here. I needed sleep so bad, and it’s like God said, ‘turn left, turn right, tell the first cop you meet your situation.’ The officer pointed me to Broadway, where someone said to me, ‘Go down this street, you’ll see The Bowery Mission.’

I stood in front of The Bowery Mission, and I cried. I said ‘God, you know what? I messed up. I doubted you. Please give me a second chance.’

That night I got my best night sleep in months, and the next morning a really good breakfast.

It’s been a month since I joined the program — and it’s reminding me about God, His plans for me. What God is doing is preparing me for what’s next in my life.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for shelter and food! God is building me up.

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