His Holiday Gift:  A Second Second Chance.

Red Door E-Newsletter - November 2012


John found hope in The Bowery Mission's recovery program

New to the city, John “took the wrong path. I hung around with the wrong people, and picked up drugs at an early age.”

Hungry and homeless, he went to the Mission for food. “I came in for a meal, but I found a whole lot more. I found God. I found love. I found it was a place where people’s lives changed.”

John graduated and went upstate to work. Despite having a good job, the bills and debt began to pile up because he was spending beyond his means.

The stress and pressure “led me to alcohol, then back to drugs.”

When John lost his wife, his house, and his car, “it broke me.” Back in New York City, disappointed with himself, “I reached to drugs to take away the pain — the shame and guilt. But it made things worse.”

But John had gotten clean years before, and he knew where to go for help — The Bowery Mission. “I knew the Mission was the place helping people get their life back on track.”

John returned to the Mission in 2011 “broken in spirit. I left drugs and alcohol behind me, and I sought God.”

“This time whatever I was holding onto, I let go.”

Now John’s excited by the future. He has a place of his own, a job, and a rekindled faith in God. “God has been blessing me. He’s given me opportunity after opportunity.”

He’s “determined to stay right with God. Not reaching back… There’s nothing there but death and destruction.”

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