Shelter for the Homeless of New York City

Providing shelter for the homeless of New York City, The Bowery Mission is a place for hope and healing.Last year, The Bowery Mission has provided shelter for homeless men and women for a combined 91,500 nights in New York City.  Our emergency shelter program provides a safe place for the homeless to come in out of the winter cold.  By providing a warm place to sleep, we are preventing victimization, illness and possibly death that sometimes comes with winter exposure.  We encourage both men and women to enter longer-term housing in our residential recovery programs, where the goal is to help transform the lives of the homeless, so that they can have a life of hope, spiritual wholeness, and productive, independent living.

We are able to shelter up to 150 men per night in our homeless shelter program, in addition to the 217 men and 50 women hosted in our residential recovery programs.  When our programs are full, we network with other organizations that provide shelter for the homeless, with the goal of helping every person who comes to The Bowery Mission in need of assistance.

Each year, generous donors bring hope to those in need by supporting our homeless shelter and residential recovery programs for men and for womenYour online gift or gift by mail, phone or fax to support these programs will help the men and women of New York City who need help the most - to find the path to hope, healing and a restored life.

Emergency Shelter for men

Emergency Shelter at The Bowery MissionIt gets dangerously cold and unsafe to sleep outside during winter nights in New York City. From November through February, and whenever the overnight temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, we open our Chapel doors at 227 Bowery (directions) and provide emergency shelter for up to 150 homeless men each night.  We provide sleeping mats to our guests, who often fill both the chapel and the cafeteria.  

Each man staying in our emergency shelter at the Mission has the opportunity to learn about the other help available at the Mission.  We help meet the basic daily needs of homeless men through our meals, clothing and showers, and medical care programs.  We also introduce men staying at the shelter to our residential recovery programs for men that provide them with the opportunity to overcome the challenges that led to homelessness.

There are many men today who look back at a night in our emergency shelter and the hot nutritious breakfast the next morning as the turning point in their lives where they found hope and an opportunity to have their lives restored.  Your online gift today will help provide emergency shelter and meals that bring hope and life transformation to the homeless.

Shelter in Residential Recovery for men and women

Men and women who accept the invitation to enter our residential recovery programs live together with others who share the goal of restoring their lives to hope, spiritual wholeness, productivity and independent living.  This longer-term housing provides shelter in a supportive setting for 6-to-15 months, along with life and employment skills training, addiction recovery continuing education opportunities, single and group counseling, legal aid, job-readiness training and housing placement.

At The Bowery Mission Life Transformation Program, 80 men share a dormitory on the Lower East Side and 60 men share a dormitory in East Harlem. At The Bowery Mission Men's Center in Avenue D, 77 men live in single-room occupancy units. And at The Bowery Mission Women’s Center at Heartsease Home, 20 women share bedrooms in a five-story brownstone, specially designed to aid in their recovery. An additional 30 women live in community in a new center in Harlem. Learn more about our approach to homelessness.


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