Recovery programs for men and women in NYC


The Bowery Mission recovery programs start from the perspective that homelessness is both the problem and the symptom of other problems that can range from chronic substance abuse, financial instability, domestic violence, sexual victimization and more.  Often, it is a complex set of circumstances, choices, and traumas that lead a person to homelessness.  Recovery, then, is “an affair of the heart” that addresses the holistic needs of each individual – spiritual, emotional and physical. 

Everything we do in our programs for men and programs for women is an invitation to holistic recovery.   Our goal for homeless men and women is nothing less than life transformation.  It is our primary measure of success, with five specific outcomes that residents of our recovery programs must meet for graduation.  This year, 166 men and women have graduated with a transformed life.  No longer homeless or addicted, each one is now connected to God and family, committed to sobriety, employed, living independently, and implementing a plan for the future.

To foster these outcomes, each of The Bowery Mission’s three recovery programs begin by providing for the basic needs of each man and woman for a period of six to 15 months while he or she is in recovery.  These basic services include shelter, meals, clothing and medical care.  Importantly, our programs offer long-term, practical solutions to the underlying problems related to chronic homelessness through life and employment skills training, alcohol and drug addiction recovery, continuing education opportunities, single and group counseling, legal aid, job-readiness training and housing placement.

The Bowery Mission Discipleship Institute houses 80 men at a time in recently renovated dormitories, where they live together in a community of recovery, working to break destructive habits and preparing for lives of wholeness and lasting productivity.  After six months in the program, most residents enter a reentry phase in which they pursue permanent employment and housing goals.

The Bowery Mission Transitional Center is operated in partnership with, and fully funded by, the City of New York since 1994.  The Transitional Center houses 77 men at a time, and has consistently ranked highly among the city’s substance abuse and recovery programs.

The Bowery Mission Women’s Center at Heartsease Home houses 20 women at a time in Manhattan’s only faith-based residential recovery program for homeless women.  As residents in this 9-to-15 month recovery program, women share bedrooms in a five-story brownstone. In addition to the training and counseling offered at each of our recovery programs, there are a variety of volunteer-led opportunities like painting, creative writing and sewing lessons.


Reaching out and helping the homeless

The Bowery Mission offers recovery programs for homeless men and women in Manhattan, NYCMany men and women have entered our residential recovery programs and graduated to a new life because someone cared enough to reach out and let them know there was a place where they could get help.  If you or someone you know could benefit from one of these programs, please click here.

Others learn about our residential recovery programs through volunteers who serve meals or help with our outreach program.  Volunteers help our residents along their journey of recovery by tutoring them as they work toward educational or vocational goals, or by teaching a special skill.  Learn more about volunteering.

Finally, it is through the generous gifts of faithful, caring donors that make the life transformation achieved through these recovery programs possible.  Your online gift today, or donation by phone or mail, whether large or small, can help bring about lifelong change in the life of a man or woman.