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Tatiana, Elijah and Laura: A Story You Made Possible

"We don’t feel disadvantaged."

Programs for Children

Tatiana, Laura and ElijahOur neighborhoods and schools are not as bad as some think, but we do worry about our safety sometimes. We’ve all seen drug dealers selling on our corners, and smelled pot in our buildings. Gang members walk our halls and graffiti our schools.

It’s hard to have to watch your back in your own school, your own neighborhood. It can really be a lot to deal with. Mont Lawn Camp is really great because it took us away from all that for a while. It was good to be able to go outside for once without being wary, to just be free to have fun.

Learning about God in a way that made sense helped us connect to Him. Having a real relationship with God has strengthened us when home and school got tough. Mont Lawn Camp and Leadership Academy also introduced us to good kids who are a positive influence on us, and we’ve made friendships that are bound to last.

Our mentors are great too – they’re understanding, easy to talk to and give helpful advice. The Bowery Mission's staff taught us to stay focused on our education, and to be leaders at school and in our neighborhoods.

It’s like Mont Lawn Camp as a whole is saying to us “You can live your own life above and apart from all the violence, drugs and other stuff around you. And here are some people to back you up and be there for you.” We don’t know any other program like it.

Because of The Bowery Mission, we don’t feel disadvantaged. Today we’re ready to graduate, to further our education and go on to do great things – like being a surgeon, an EMT, and a journalist.

We’re Tatiana, Elijah and Laura and we found the direction of our lives changed at The Bowery Mission's children programs.

Tatiana, Elijah and Laura found new hope through The Bowery Mission's children programs, thanks to your generous support. Thank you for helping to change the life direction of youth for the better.

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