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Victor's Restoration: A Story You Made Possible


My name is Victor, and my life was transformed at The Bowery Mission.

As head chef of a famous Las Vegas restaurant, on the outside it appeared I was living the good life. It was a bit like a celebrity life. A lot of partying. But, on the inside I knew alcohol and other bad decisions had a hold on me. 

I left Vegas for New York, hoping to start fresh. But I came with the same habits. And with the struggling economy, I couldn’t find a job. It wasn’t long before I was homeless and walking through the doors of The Bowery Mission.

At first I thought coming to The Bowery Mission was a mistake. No cell phones. No going out for a cup of coffee. This was not what I was looking for. It was a lot to take because my freedom was extremely important. This was not MY plan.

But gradually I began talking with the Chaplains and reconnecting with God. The whole time I felt like Jonah inside the belly of the whale. I thought I was coming to New York to grow in my career as a chef. But God wanted me to stop. To listen.

The more I listened to God and my counselors, the more I felt my dependency on alcohol dwindling. Today I feel truly at peace. I graduated from the program on January 24, and have gone eight months straight without alcohol.

Now I really want to get my career going, but this time is different because I trust God. I am also slowly reconnecting with my children. I don’t think any of this would be possible without the good people at The Bowery Mission.

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