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Ascari's Healing: A Story You Made Possible

"God gave me a song at Mont Lawn Camp that changed my life."

AscariMy name is Ascari, and The Bowery Mission’s Mont Lawn Camp made a lasting impact on my life. I learned a song at camp when I was eight, Father I Adore You, that sustained me through a brutal childhood.

See, my dad was a drug dealer. He was deported when I was very young. My mom struggled to care for my siblings and me, so we spent a lot of time with relatives.

Those were very rough years. Before I was a teenager, I was physically and sexually abused. Finally, at 13, I ran away.

I wound up moving in with my boyfriend, but he was even more violent.

I drank and did drugs constantly, and ended up trying to commit suicide. Through all those years, I could only sleep at night if I sang Father I Adore You, my song from Mont Lawn Camp. For some reason, it had always stayed with me. When I sang it, I felt God’s peace, even though the rest of my life was chaos.

After five years away from home, I decided to return to my mom. I saw that she was different now and had grown close to God. I too began to feel God tugging at my heart and soon welcomed Him into my life.

Today, I’m 22 and life is very different. I’m in college, and last summer things came full circle when I volunteered as a counselor at Mont Lawn Camp. I had the privilege to tell young girls that God loves them. Looking back, I see how true it is. God gave me a song at camp that changed my life.

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