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Kevin's Restoration: A Story You Made Possible

"The counselors at the Mission helped me get my life back on track and re-establish my relationship with God."

KevinMy name is Kevin. All my life I wanted to get married and raise a family. I guess that’s because I never really had one — at least, not a healthy one.

Growing up in Brooklyn, my dad was an alcoholic and my mother was addicted to crack. My father physically abused my mother and me. One night, when I saw my dad beating my mother, I grabbed a kitchen knife and said, “If you ever hit my mother again, I’ll kill you.” He left and never came back.

The pain I experienced as a kid turned in to an explosive, uncontrollable rage. And that caused a lot of problems in my life — fights, school suspensions, even jail.

But I still kept hoping and praying for a wife and family. Finally, seven years ago, I got married. But frankly, I wasn’t ready to be a good husband. I never dealt with my temper and I didn’t know how to be a good provider. I’d never had a strong male role model in my life to show me how to be a good man. So I ended up hurting my wife in a lot of ways.

Two years later, she divorced me. With nowhere to go, I ended up homeless, riding the subway or living out of a box. That’s when I finally came to The Bowery Mission in December 2011.

The counselors at the Mission helped me get my life back on track and re-establish my relationship with God. I started delivering and serving food to other homeless people just like me from the community. The more I focused on other people, the less I focused on myself, and slowly my anger slipped away. I also took advantage of the Career Center at the Mission. I took classes, went to trade school, and earned all the certifications I needed to find a good job.

Today, I’m living on my own again and I’m working as a meat cutter. I’m doing really good. Thanks to The Bowery Mission, and to generous people like you, for helping me when nobody else would.

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