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Once Frostbitten Hands, Now Full of Purpose — Thanks to You

"Everything I went through is now serving a greater purpose."

LucianoMy name is Luciano, and twenty years ago, I wanted to die.

I was addicted to heroin and lost everything good in my life… my construction job, my home, my family. I was in and out of prison and every rehab program imaginable, but nothing worked. Doing drugs was like a slow death.

At my lowest point, I was homeless in the middle of winter and got frostbite on my hands and feet. I don’t know how, but I made it to a hospital. There, a doctor told me about The Bowery Mission and I knew it was my last shot.

I walked through those red doors in 1995 with no hope at all. But it didn’t take long before The Bowery Mission became my home and helped me get my life back.

Having supportive mentors and gaining a strong relationship with God finally helped me break from my addictions and gave me hope for the future. I was blown away that I had a counselor there just to help me!

One of the things I liked doing most at the Mission was going with the outreach truck. I realized there were so many people who needed help, just as I did. It made me want to give back.

The Mission also helped me reconnect with my daughter and a staff member even introduced me to my wife! Now, I also have a son and we are a really close family living in Virginia.

A couple of years ago, I started an organization to help people who are hurting – just like I was. I use my construction skills to help single parents and children have a better place to live. It reminds me that everything I went through and received at the Mission is now serving a greater purpose.

I really was such a wretch when I came to The Bowery Mission! But God turned me into a new man. Between my family and all the people we help, I have every reason to live. And if I can do it, anyone can!

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