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Richard's Restoration: A Story You Made Possible

"The Mission was so much more than just a place for a bed and a meal..."

RichardMy name is Richard and for most of my life, I was a wanderer.

Growing up in the country, my parents taught me a good work ethic. I got my first job at a young age and enjoyed earning money. But when our family moved to the city, I started to experiment with alcohol and cocaine with friends from high school.

Right away, I knew I could make money selling drugs. I was good at it and enjoyed the fast money it brought me. But when the cops finally caught up with me, I decided to leave drugs for good. I had been a dealer for so long I didn't know what else I could be. What else am I good at? What am I supposed to do now?

I went from city to city, shelter to shelter, but never found what I needed. I knew drugs weren’t my future, but it felt like the only thing for me. That’s when I heard about The Bowery Mission.

When I arrived, I was expecting the same: just a bed and a meal. But I received so much more. The Mission helped me find out my true talents, put together my first resume and find a good job as a doorman on Central Park West. Best of all, they introduced me to God and put a spiritual foundation under my feet.

I finally had the stability I needed to move forward, confident in who God created me to be. Today, 3 years after graduating, I’m a deacon in my church, serving people and doing what I love.

The Bowery Mission was so much more than just a place for a bed and a meal. Every inch of the building touched me. I may have left The Bowery Mission years ago, but it will never leave me.

Every day I pray for the hurting who come to the Mission. Though they may come expecting just a meal, I hope they “get it” like I did and see the powerful way God can rebuild their lives.

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