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I am living proof that God restores lives

"I'm a living example of what God can do at The Bowery Mission."

My name is Leon, and I know firsthand how life can change in an instant.

I grew up in a great home in Philly. Mom was a homemaker. Dad worked for the city. My parents stressed education, so I got an engineering degree and became an officer in the Navy. Eventually, I got married and had a daughter. We were young and made a lot of mistakes, but I wanted to make the marriage work.

One night I went out for a few drinks, and a guy said, "Here, why don't you try this?"

"This" was crack cocaine. I was hooked right away and the next 15 years were a blur. Drugs took my job, my marriage and my relationships.

I looked for help and sensed that God had a plan for my life. But I didn't understand what it was until a stranger told me about The Bowery Mission.

I remember sitting in the chapel balcony at the Mission, hearing volunteers sing a hymn. I felt God's presence, and from that point on, my life totally changed. The Mission taught me how to have a relationship with God. They gave me tools to rebuild my career and helped me regain freedom from my addiction.

I got some great jobs after graduating from the Mission. But I always felt called back. So I quit my desk job and came back to the red doors to reconnect with the Mission.

Today, I serve as the Alumni Coordinator at The Bowery Mission, helping graduates have what they need to grow and succeed long after they have been at the Mission.

I want young guys on the street who are falling by the wayside to see the possibilities. I'm a living example of what God can do at The Bowery Mission.

Broken men who come to The Bowery Mission, like Leon, need care, compassion and help to rebuild their lives. Your gifts help make that happen. Thank you for your generosity.


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