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I'm playing a new song after leaving my old life behind

"Thanks to The Bowery Mission, I was able to get my life and my son back."

DexterMy name is Dexter, and for 20 years, drugs stunted my growth in life.

I had a good upbringing in Trinidad and came to America when I was 19 years old. But not long after I moved, I fell in with the wrong crowd and got caught up in drugs. It made me hit rock bottom. I'd work all week, planning to do the right thing with my money, but as soon as I got my pay, I went to buy drugs.

When my son was born, I tried to get help through rehab programs. But once I finished the programs, I didn't have anywhere to go. I was still homeless and didn't have support or a community.

Nothing worked until I came to The Bowery Mission.

I thank the Lord for the Mission. It was more than just shelter. It provided so much help to get us guys through tough times. We had classes and counselors who worked with us to restore our families. They even helped my son receive clothing when I was still in the program.

After graduating, I was able to give back and take on a leadership role in the program. I enjoyed serving people and really liked helping during community outreaches. I still make use of what I learned back then.

Today, I'm living out my dream as a musician playing the steel drums. For the first time since childhood, I have good stability in my life. Even though it's been over 10 years since I graduated from The Bowery Mission, I'll always remember my time there. I even keep in touch with some of the men who went through the program with me.

Thanks to The Bowery Mission, I was able to get my life and my son back. And I hope that my story helps other men and women to get their life back in order, too.

Broken men who come to The Bowery Mission, like Dexter, need care, compassion and help to rebuild their lives. Your gifts help make that happen. Thank you for your generosity.


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