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The Bowery Mission Chapel

The historical Bowery Mission ChapelA place of grace and peace, as well as spiritual formation and encouragement, the Chapel is open to all people regardless of religion, sexual orientation, criminal record or economic status.

In many ways the community who meets here have changed little since The Bowery Mission was founded in 1879; the community consists mostly of chronically homeless and food-insecure individuals, as well as those caught in the throes of addiction and alcoholism. 

Residents in The Bowery Mission Life Transformation Program also attend chapel services, as do some of our neighbors, such as the guys who run the pizza place around the corner and some mothers who have sons struggling with addiction.

There are three services a day and a weekly Bible study for the community. We have more than 30 ministries from the tri-state area that partner with us to deliver the 90 services a month. The ministry partners range from Pentecostal to Amish, yet our message remains centered in Christ and the promise of redemption for all who would trust in the Lord.

Every Wednesday and Friday morning, students in The Bowery Mission Life Transformation Program give testimony to the ways that God is transforming their lives. Every Friday evening we have a Gospel Jazz celebration. 

We minister to the whole person at The Bowery Mission. Each service is followed by a hot meal in the dining hall, and several times throughout the week guests are also invited to access our free medical clinic, and receive a fresh change of clothes and a shower.