Recovery Programs for Women

The Bowery Mission offers recovery programs for women in New York CityThe Bowery Mission’s recovery programs for women became a priority in the 1990's as women became the new face of homelessness. Adapting our decades of experience with men’s homelessness, The Bowery Mission’s programs for women started small and have now grown into The Bowery Mission Women's Center at Heartsease Home and Women's Center in Harlem, Manhattan’s only faith-based residential recovery program for homeless women. 

Less likely than men to live out on the streets, many homeless women have moved from place to place — a friend’s couch, a stairwell, a city shelter.  Many homeless women have experienced sexual victimization, financial exploitation, emotional or physical domestic abuse that contributed to their homelessness.  Homeless women are often experiencing acute physical health problems.  Many are burdened by alcoholism, drug addictions and mental illness.

It is often through our outreach program or meals program at The Bowery Mission at 227 Bowery that homeless women learn about our women’s programs.

The life changing work of The Bowery Mission’s programs for women is made possible through caring, generous donors and volunteers.  Every gift, large and small, makes a difference to our homeless neighbors who have nowhere else to turn.  Your online gift today will be used to provide meals, shelter, medical care and long-term recovery.  You can also donate by mail or phone, donate food or other goods, or learn how to volunteer.

Meeting women’s basic, everyday needs

Women represent an increasing percentage of the people who come to The Bowery Mission at 227 Bowery.  Each woman that comes through our distinctive red doors is welcomed and treated with respect and great care.  At the Mission she feels safe.

We start with the basics — food for the body and soul.  Healthy and nutritious meals are offered three times a day.  Before each meal, women may choose to attend a chapel service and have their spiritual needs met.

While at the Mission, there is an opportunity for women to learn about our walk-in emergency clothing program as well as our free medical clinic which opens each Wednesday at 6:00PM.  Depending on the optometrists’ availability, we also provide optical clinic services once per month.

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Life transformation through residential recovery programs

Programs for Women, The Bowery Mission GraduationHomelessness among women is both a problem and a symptom of other problems, which may include acute health problems, chronic substance abuse, financial exploitation, sexual victimization, past trauma or abuse.  We address these challenges holistically at The Bowery Mission Women’s Centers at Heartsease Home and in Harlem, our residential recovery program on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Central Harlem.

The Bowery Mission Women’s Centers house 50 women at a time in Manhattan’s only faith-based residential recovery program for homeless women.  We are committed to each woman’s spiritual, emotional and physical restoration.

As residents in this 9-to-15 month recovery program, women live together in community. Our daily curriculum includes counseling, life skills classes, spiritual disciplines and educational enrichment, along with volunteer-led opportunities like painting, creative writing and sewing lessons.  Our Career Center provides tutoring and resume assistance. These programs lead to employment and reconnection with faith, family, and a plan for the future.

The program resulted from a partnership between The Bowery Mission and Heartsease, Inc., which had been engaged in women’s ministry since 1900.  The program is supported by a special group of donors and volunteers called the Women of Impact.


Your gifts turn despair into hope

The Bowery Mission’s programs for women are making a life-changing difference in the lives of women who have nowhere else to turn.  From a hot meal, clothing or medical care at The Bowery Mission to holistic recovery at The Bowery Mission Women’s Centers, it is caring donors and volunteers who make this life change possible.  Your online gift today will make a lasting difference in the lives of homeless women.