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Since 1879, The Bowery Mission has served homeless, hungry and poor New Yorkers. Meals, shelter, and medical care lead to residential programs that offer men and women the opportunity to transform their lives. Children get a positive first chance through summer camp, mentoring and family support. A vital part of the Lower East Side, The Bowery Mission now offers new hope to neighborhoods like Harlem and the South Bronx.


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Life Transformations and Updates

  • Holiday Miracles at the Mission

    The true magic of the holiday season is witnessing life transformations at the Mission. Hurting people come in simply looking for a meal or shelter, but they find a place where they can turn their lives around...

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  • When Christmas Reminds You of All You've Lost

    After 27 years trapped by addiction, Carl relapsed again last Christmas. Desperate and exhausted, he felt like his life was a repeat of the same thing over and over. But now at the Mission, he's finally learning what it means to have a new start...

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  • Better Late Than Never

    After a traumatic incident at the young age of 11, Earl's life started on the wrong path. He spent 30 years in and out of prison and was released with nowhere to go. He was referred to The Bowery Mission and came ready to change...

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  • Ready for Work!

    At the Mission's Career Centers, workshops, mock interviews, and mentor relationships prepare residents for the job search process. People who may have once felt "un-employable" are able to put their best foot forward.

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