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  • Hunger or homelessness? No one should have to choose between buying food or paying rent.

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    "I learned that instead of fighting, I am strong enough to walk away..."

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Since 1879, The Bowery Mission has served homeless, hungry and poor New Yorkers. Meals, shelter, and medical care lead to residential programs that offer men and women the opportunity to transform their lives. Children get a positive first chance through summer camp, mentoring and family support. A vital part of the Lower East Side, The Bowery Mission now offers new hope to neighborhoods like Harlem and the South Bronx.


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Life Transformations and Updates

  • People We Never Want to See at Our Mission

    Thank you so much for spending time to learn about the cause The Bowery Mission stands for – seeing the lives of the street homeless, the addicted and at-risk kids in New York changed from despair to hope...

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  • Small blessings make a big difference

    After Amanda lost her baby sister, her family was never the same. Grief combined with severe toothaches led Amanda down the wrong path for comfort. An addiction to painkillers took everything from Amanda, until your help saved her life…

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  • “Even at your lowest point, you can overcome”

    When Gilbert lost his father, he didn’t know how to cope with the pain. Instead, he numbed it through cocaine. Because of his addiction, Gilbert lost his job, his marriage, time with his children and even contemplated ending his life…

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  • You took Patricia from “gray clouds to happy sunshine”

    It’s hard to understand Patricia’s abuse and neglect at only 12 years old. But your support is giving her a safe environment to talk through her painful past, grow in her studies, learn about faith and be a kid again…

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  • The red doors of our new Women's Center in Harlem are officially open!

    We have now doubled our capacity to help women in crisis restore their lives through God's love!

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