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Since our founding, The Bowery Mission has been a faith-based organization, long before “faith-based” became a popular term.  Here’s what it means to us today:

  • Our services are provided to all people in need, regardless of their beliefs.
  • Our donors and volunteers are people of all different faiths, or no faith at all.
  • Our work consistently presents Jesus Christ and his teachings, believing them to be essential for the positive life transformations that are the ultimate outcome of our work.
  • We have never officially affiliated with or endorsed a particular church or denomination.

Our work is holistic, addressing the needs of the whole person, including spiritual needs.  As our former President, Ed Morgan, writes: “Recovery is an affair of the heart. We look at recovery of the heart as well as the body and the mind. When the heart is changed, the recovery is permanent.”

Our board members affirm and our staff members understand our statement of faith, which reads in part:

We believe that all believers are called to obey not only the first great commandment, to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, but also the second great commandment…"You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

We believe that ministry to "the least of these" in the name of Christ is commanded for all Christians and should be the basis of our purpose statement.

Read the entire statement of faith.

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