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Caught in a cycle of success and failure, Anthony found hope and life transformation at The Bowery Mission.

For much of his life, Anthony was full of faith and experiencing success. But the night he arrived at the Mission, he was living under a highway overpass.

Years of addiction plagued Anthony. “I was in a cycle of success and then failure,” he admits. “Before living under that bridge, I was raising a family, had a house with a white picket fence, and enjoyed a successful middle-class life. But I made a choice that I had no idea would lead me to be homeless, separated from God, estranged from my children, and ultimately divorced from my wife.”

Anthony knows God opened his eyes under that bridge. He prayed for another chance and God answered by leading him to the Mission.

Thanks to generous supporters of The Bowery Mission, Anthony’s cycle ended inside our Red Doors. He went through a process of real change. He admitted his mistakes, took responsibility for his healing and charted a path forward.

“When you pass a homeless person on the street, you stop and think to yourself, why would a person choose this life? But sometimes it is just one bad choice that can cost you everything….I give God all the glory for using the Mission as a vehicle to lead me into my season of change.”

Today, Anthony is reunited with his children. He’s active in their lives — and the lives of his grandchildren! And he found a great job as a Chef Manager in New York City. Anthony is looking forward to this holiday season, when he gets to enjoy time with his family. “I want to thank you for supporting the Mission,” Anthony expresses to friends like you. “This is a place where lives change!”

Neighbors in need like Anthony come through our Red Doors everyday seeking a second chance. Your generosity can provide tools for a fresh start. Thank you for your compassion!

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