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Simple changes gave Toby a brand new life

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Food and shelter led to career development — and lasting hope!

Born in Cleveland, Toby was only six months old when his mother passed away. He never knew his dad. Raised by his grandparents, Toby remembers a good childhood. Even though his grandparents insisted on hard work around the house, their home was filled with laughter, music and love. Toby also grew up in the church, learning Bible stories from his grandma.

As he got older and started a family, Toby put his faith on the back burner. He focused on work and supporting his four children. But his job as a manager at a super-store wasn’t enough to make ends meet.

With a little money saved up, Toby stepped out in faith and moved to New York to find better work. As God would have it, Toby stayed across the street from the Mission his first night. Not long after, cash started to run out and Toby found himself at the brink of homelessness. That’s when he stopped in to learn if we could help him.

At the Mission, Toby received a meal and a clean place to stay. And when he learned that we could help him improve his job situation, he was simply amazed!

Toby went back to school to learn more construction and management skills. He also regained an appreciation for his faith and has been putting it into practice every day.

Toby smiling with staff
Toby with staff member Bob, who guided him through vocational programming

Today, Toby is living in Brooklyn and he just got a promotion and a raise at his job. He is able to provide for his children in a way that makes him very proud.

Toby smiling with other runners on Team Bowery Mission
Toby with Team Bowery Mission before the TCS New York City Marathon in 2018
Toby at marathon
Toby with fellow clients after crossing the marathon finish line

“I see how God kept his hand on me and made a way, especially through the Mission,” Toby shares. “This is all God, and I thank Him every day for it.”

Many guests like Toby work hard and simply need a little help to dramatically change their life. Learn more about The Bowery Mission and how you can get involved in life-transforming work: www.bowery.org.