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Mission Minded — Anticipating God’s transformation in 2024

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To Our Community,

As we begin another year of service to our neighbors in need, I’m reflecting on the tremendous support our friends and partners provided this past year. Together, we met urgent needs of our New York neighbors experiencing homelessness and hunger — and journeyed with them on their path to life transformation. As we look ahead to 2024, I want to highlight a central tenet that guides our endeavors at The Bowery Mission — the profound recognition that it is God who works in the lives of the people we serve. 

In Psalm 113:5-8, we see a glimpse of God’s heart: “Who is like the Lord our God, the One who sits enthroned on high, who stoops down to look on the heavens and the earth? He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes, with the princes of his people.” These words beautifully encapsulate how God not only sees but promises to intervene in the lives of people who feel lost and overlooked.   

At The Bowery Mission, our work is more than meeting immediate needs; we also embody God’s love for people who are hurting and alone. And as we show up day after day to serve hot meals and provide safe shelter, we also acknowledge that God is the source of positive change, the architect of transformation in the lives of New Yorkers who are overcoming homelessness.  

The stories of men and women who have experienced transformation at The Bowery Mission often echo a common refrain: their life change wasn’t solely the result of helpful programs but also an encounter with a living God. Many people arrive at The Bowery Mission feeling like lost causes, only to discover that God’s transformative power knows no bounds. 

As we step into the challenges and opportunities of 2024, let’s carry with us this awareness — that our faithful service and generosity can make the miraculous a tangible reality in people’s lives.

With heartfelt gratitude and anticipation,

James Winans, CEO

Impact & results last year, made possible by friends like you

320,000 meals

eased the ache of hunger among neighbors looking for their next meal.

214 adults

participated in our Residential Programs, using housing, counseling, classes and more to make progress toward their goals.

203 kids & youth

built new life-long skills through community-based enrichment classes, tutoring and mentoring.

Hear from our guests what your compassionate support provides…


“I found real love at The Bowery Mission in every meal and every person I see here, the clothes they give me. My experience at The Bowery Mission has been a totally loving one with everything that I have seen.” Raphael


“The people here are very God-loving and trustworthy. I really feel like Christ has come here and has helped me to come here for guidance.” Gregory


“I was living with people who physically and mentally abused me and I finally got out. I came to The Bowery Mission to rest my brain. I had nothing and no one and this beautiful space makes me feel like I can breathe again.” Crystal

Looking for ways to give back this year?


Every day, The Bowery Mission serves hundreds of meals to neighbors in need, and any one of these meals can lead to a new life. Your generous compassion will keep our Red Doors open to provide meals and other critical care. 


Volunteers are a vital part of The Bowery Mission! Make a difference by helping with our daily meal services, clothing room and other opportunities. Learn more and register

Start a fundraiser 

Employers, teams and community groups can join together and multiply their impact in support of The Bowery Mission and the people we serve. Get ideas and next steps for corporate fundraising initiatives.