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Diane finally has peace

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“God has completely transformed my life.”

Growing up in suburbia, Diane had a warm home, a strong education, and nourishing food each day. Her parents cared for their children’s physical well-being and kept a strict household. On the outside, things looked great.

But inside, Diane was scared of her father’s temper. She knew her dad loved her, but his words weren’t always kind, and it was hard for him to show affection.

As a teenage girl, Diane longed for some excitement in life. “At sixteen, I was introduced to weed and cocaine,” Diane shares. “By eighteen, I was fully addicted to opiates and found out my father was diagnosed with bone cancer.”

For six years, Diane watched her father suffer. She felt helpless and turned to drugs for more comfort. When cancer finally took her father’s life, Diane remembers, “The tears came down my face, but I was so numb that I did not care.”

Diane existed and worked to support her habit. “I hit rock bottom. The only part of me alive was my physical presence. I was chained to everything harmful to me.”

After crying out to God for a rescue, Diane was taken to detox and a faith-based women’s home. From there, she came to The Bowery Mission’s Women’s Residential Program in Harlem.

Women in a class
Residential & Community Programs at The Bowery Mission are designed to help men and women make progress towards individual goals such as regaining sobriety, reconnecting with family and faith, and preparing for work and independent living. Photo: Keri Tan Photography.

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Diane was welcomed into a safe environment where she could learn the skills to transition back into independent living. She received career guidance and time management skills.

“God has completely transformed my life,” Diane shares. She currently works in project management, but also plans to go back to school to earn her degree. She was once at rock bottom but has now found solid ground.

Through your compassion, Diane and other guests who come to The Bowery Mission can experience an overwhelming peace, joy and a deep sense of God’s love. Learn more at www.bowery.org.

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