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Recovery Programs for Men

Programs for men at The Bowery MissionThe Bowery Mission’s recovery programs for men are making a life-transforming difference in the lives of poor, unemployed and homeless men in New York City. 

Every day, hundreds of people with nowhere else to turn pass through the distinctive red doors of The Bowery Mission for a hot meal or other services.  Each has a story that brought them to the Mission.  For some, it is a recent health crisis or loss of a job that has them choosing between paying their rent or eating.  Others are part of the new homeless who have recently lost their homes in the economic downturn.  The average homeless man is in his 40’s and has been on the street for six months to a year.  Many have been homeless for long periods of time, sometimes decades.  The majority of men who seek our help are burdened by alcoholism, drug addictions or mental illness.

Regardless of the circumstances that brought them through the big red doors, each is welcomed and served a meal with the care that reflects God’s love to them and respects their dignity.  It is often through our three daily meals or our outreach program that men learn about and make the choice to join our residential recovery programs to transform their lives and equip them for independent living.

The life changing work of The Bowery Mission’s programs for men is made possible through caring, generous donors and volunteers.  Every gift, large and small, makes a difference to our homeless neighbors who have nowhere else to turn.  Your online gift today will be used to provide meals, shelter, medical care and long-term recovery.  You can also donate by mail or phone, donate food or other goods, or learn how to volunteer.


Meeting men’s basic, everyday needs

Bowery Men's Programs transform livesWe start with the basics – food for the body and soul, and shelter.  Healthy and nutritious meals are offered three times a day.  Before each meal, men may choose to attend a chapel service and have their spiritual needs met.  In the winter, The Bowery Mission provides homeless men with a safe place to get in out of the cold.  Our emergency shelter program is available whenever the overnight temperature drops below 40 degrees.

But being homeless means much more than not having a place to eat or sleep. It often means having only the clothes on your back and nowhere to shower.  This creates even more barriers for getting the necessary help to get back on their feet and restore their lives.  Through The Bowery Mission’s programs for men at 227 Bowery (directions), we provide clean clothing and showers twice per week.

Being homeless makes people more vulnerable to everything from the common cold to chronic illnesses.  Each Wednesday at 6:00PM, we provide a free medical clinic.  Once per month, depending on the optometrists’ availability, we provide optical clinic services.

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Life transformation through residential recovery programs

Homelessness is both the problem and the symptom of other problems that can range from financial instability to chronic substance abuse, from unemployment to family trauma, and more.  The Bowery Mission addresses homelessness as both the problem and the symptom through our residential recovery programs.

The Bowery Mission’s residential recovery programs for men incorporate addiction recovery, one-on-one counseling, education and vocational training within a faith-based context.  Each site offers long-term, practical solutions to chronic homelessness through life and employment skills training, continuing education opportunities, single and group counseling, legal aid, job-readiness training and housing placement.

The Bowery Mission Life Transformation Program houses men at a time in recently renovated dormitories, where they live together in a community of recovery, working to break destructive habits and preparing for lives of wholeness and lasting productivity.  After six months in the program, most residents enter a reentry phase in which they pursue permanent employment and housing goals.


Your gift will make a difference

Every day, 365 days a year, The Bowery Mission’s programs for men are making a life-transforming difference in the lives of New York’s poor, unemployed and homeless men.  Whether it is providing a meal to a man who recently became jobless or supporting a man in a residential recovery program, it is caring donors and volunteers who make this life change possible.  Your online gift today will make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.